You’ve got a message that could start a movement. 

But all too often, your words fall flat (or never formulate at all)—leaving you feeling marginalized and unqualified (even invisible).

I know how hard it can be to get your products, services and ideas out there with a passion that inspires movement in such a noisy world. 

If you ask me? It shouldn’t be so hard to be heard.

That’s why, after nearly 20 years of “writing words” for global brands, I choose to help corporate, nonprofit and ministry leaders find the words to say to move people to action.

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1. Clarify your message 
with a content deep-dive that brings your best language to the surface.

2. Refine your voice 
by documenting the words to say in a messaging platform to give you confidence.

3. Ignite a movement 
by bringing those words to life on your website, in a book, at the mic and more.

I’ve discovered it’s dang near impossible to do this work by yourself. You’re just too close to it and you need some fresh perspective. You need an ally. (That’s where I come in.) 

Hire Me to Help You.

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Reckless Grace Book + Guide

Deep down, you know forgiveness is a good idea. So why is it so hard to forgive and be forgiven?

In Reckless Grace, Bill Vanderbush and Brit Eaton unpack the theological and practical applications of God’s “reckless” grace and invite you to be an active participant in releasing that same grace into an increasingly offense-filled world.

“Reckless Grace is a treasure map for anyone struggling with unforgiveness and unresolved relational issues.”

Kris Vallotton, Leader, Bethel Church

In this collaborative work, you’ll find:

  • A powerful, biblical case for receiving and releasing God’s reckless grace
  • Practical steps to help you identify and overcome barriers to grace in your life
  • Visioning, activations, and invitations into a grace revolution in the Body of Christ

“God isn’t reckless. But the way in which He extends grace defies reason. Scripture proves He initiates forgiveness before we even know to ask for it – without concern for Himself or the consequences of His actions. It’s reckless. And it’s what we’re called to as grace-filled believers.”

Bill Vanderbush

“Once you get a taste of God’s reckless grace? You’re going to want to spend the rest of your life giving it away.”

Brit Eaton


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When I’m not writing words that move you, I’m speaking them. Because when God gives you fiery passion for discipleship, identity, unity, and grace? It’s too hard to stay silent.

Want me to come speak at your church, conference, workshop, seminar, retreat, meeting or other event? Shoot me a note and I’ll be in touch!


Teaching Topics:

  • Making Disciples
  • Identity Restoration
  • Spiritual Resiliency
  • Culture Collision
  • Restoring Eve
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Marriage + Family
  • Reckless Grace

Speaker Bio:

Brit Eaton is a writer, speaker, discipler, and all-around pursuer of the Kingdom of God. She helps corporate, nonprofit, and ministry leaders find the words to say to move people to action. An eager apostle and strong advocate for women in ministry, Brit ministers in diverse, spirit-filled environments committed to unity in the Body of Christ. Brit is the co-author of Reckless Grace, a book inspired by and developed with Bill Vanderbush. She lives in a log home on ten wooded acres in Mount Vernon, Ohio with her husband, Mike and daughter, Bella.



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Meet Brit*

(Pssst! SHe’s Not Your USUAL Freelance Writer)

You can’t afford to stay silent about what matters most to you—your ideas, your mission, your calling. Work with me and you’ll not only find the words to say… you’ll get the support you need along the way. 

Higher Purpose

Bringing movements and ideas to life in writing is no small task. Whatever you’re trying to say or sell, somewhere underneath it all you probably have a higher purpose in mind – a “reason why” that keeps you moving forward. When I help you tap into your higher purpose, I get to live out my own. (Isn’t that nice?)

So who do I work with? Mostly faith-based, not-for-profit, and unusually purpose-driven for-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

In short? People like you.

Secret Sauce

Words are your most powerful engagement tool. It’s as simple as that.

Crafting messaging platforms, training curriculum, storytelling campaigns, and spot-on copy alongside my clients brings breakthrough – leading to the “ah-ha” moments that build trust, foster loyalty, and make people believe again (or maybe for the first time ever).

This kind of writing takes courage. I’m not afraid to use emotion as a driver in my work. And once you work with me, you won’t be, either. You’ll discover for yourself that emotion is the secret sauce that moves people to action faster than anything else. (Hello, bottom-line benefit!)

Looking for a little of that? You know you are.